Update Sonar Scanner in sonarcloud-scan


We use sonarcloud together with sonarcloud-scan.

As far as I can see the version of the sonar-scanner is quite outdated 3.3:
see bitbucket source
compared to 4.2

Is there a possibility to get an updated version?
Thanks for your help.


Hi @thomasbach,

This is indeed in the pipe. I don’t have a timeline yet though.


I’m trying to do it on my own by simply just updating the sonar-scanner to version 4.2
and https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/thomasbach/sonarcloud-quality-gate

I’m not done with testing yet, but can you tell me wether this should work or if there are bigger breaking changes in sonar-scanner?

Hi @Vince

I prepared a pull request
We tested it for our use cases and it seems to work for us. Would it be possible to get this relesed through your channels?


Thanks for your pull request @thomasbach, it’s greatly appreciated. The discussion can go on other there I guess.


Hi @thomasbach, PR has been merged and will be released soon (the ball is on Atlassian’s side)

Thanks !

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