Lines to Cover & Uncovered Lines were changed after the Upgrade into 9.9.0 version

Hello Sonar community
we solve the following mystery with our coverage.

We upgraded the SonarQube version

  • The version we use: Enterprise Edition 9.9 (build 65466)
  • The version we upgraded from: Enterprise Edition 9.4 (build 54424)

The upgrade was successful and solved many of our problems, however we encountered the following error:

  • Lines to Cover have decreased.
  • Uncovered Lines have decreased.
  • Coverage remained the same.
  • All other metrics remained the same.

We did not change the parameters for the SonarQube analysis:

  • JaCoCo is the same before and after the upgrade.
  • The code, excludes, imports … is also the same.

It’s about the fact that 2 metrics have changed, while we start everything with the same parameters (re-run Sonar processing on TeamCity, artifacts are taken from the original, we recycle JaCoCo, the same revision from p4/Git, etc.).

Here is the screen:

This error occurs in our main project, which has over 3,796,493 million lines. It contains many modules that contain tests and source codes across the entire project. For this reason, we use JaCoCo merge and SonarQube loads the JaCoCo Merged xml file. However, this file is the same (along with all other parameters) and Lines to Cove & Uncovered Lines are different after the upgrade.

We have paid support, but I prefer to write here on the forum. I would like to know if anyone has encountered something similar. Or does someone know where the error occurred, or that it is not an error and everything is in order. Only SonarQube changed the metrics.

Thank you very much for any help
Petra Sapakova

Hi Petra,

Since coverage remained the same, then I suppose the same proportion of Covered and Uncovered lines dropped out of your overall Lines to Cover.

But if you have access to paid support then you should probably open a ticket with them. They’ll be better able to dig into this with you.


Thank you for answer. What is special is that the number of total lines, files, classes and the like remained the same.
And no one from the developer noticed that something was missing in the coverage of his module. But maybe they’re giving less attention to SonarQube analysis than we’d hoped. :slight_smile:

So I will issue a ticket. Thank you for your help.

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