SQ: Switched from Community edition to Enterprise edition - the coverage results arent same

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SonarQube : * Enterprise Edition* Version 8.4.1 (build 35646),

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    Migrated from community edition: 8.1 (31237) to enterprise edition, but the coverage results are not same in community edition the coverage was 83% but the same in enterprise 43%

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We have tried updating the jacoco path and verify the sonar scanner output. No much clue we got so far


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This is about your version upgrade rather than the edition upgrade. By 8.4, JaCoCo .exec reports are no longer supported. You’ll need to make sure you’re generating XML reports and importing them with the correct parameter.


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Thanks for the response, we added below parameters then it worked.

    -Dsonar.tests=src/test/java \
    -Dsonar.dynamicAnalysis=reuseReports \
    -Dsonar.java.libraries=build/libs/*.jar \
    -Dsonar.junit.reportPaths=build/test-results/test/ \
    -Dsonar.jacoco.reportPaths=build/jacoco/*.exec \


I’m glad you worked through this. So you know, you can drop sonar.dynamicAnalysis. It doesn’t do anything any more.


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