Lines of code reaching to limit

Hi, Currently our sonarQube server lines of code is almost reached to threshold. what is the best option to clean up old lines of code. is it possible to cleanup through the SQL database tables?

We have already set the Housekeeping parameter in the Admin. Isn’t this will do cleanup of Lines of Code to avoid reaching to the threshold?


Hey there.

Housekeeping and the database aren’t involved here. This is just a matter of cleaning up (deleting) projects that you’re no longer using.

Thanks for you reply. is it possible to clean up old lines of code (LOC) without deleting the projects??

On ne peut avoir le beurre et l’argent du beurre :smiley:

SonarQube is licensed by Lines of Code – if those lines are analyzed on your instance, it’s going to count towards your license.

Yes… as of now its reached around 90% threshold, we are looking for option to delete the old lines of code reduce the percentage.
Currently individual project are configured with so many permission level, So instead of deleting the project we are looking for some alternate options.