Lines of code count, deprecated 'sonar.branch' property

I am using community edition of Sonarqube (Version 6.7.4) and have been utilising the (now deprecated) ‘sonar.branch’ property for some time when scanning different branches of the same source code. I would like to use ‘’ property which requires purchase of Enterprise Edition. The concern I have is that the current total lines of code in the database is showing as over 37 million but as this feels like a very high number to me, I’m wondering whether (because we are using the deprecated branch property) the lines of code count is artificially inflated and in fact it would require a much lower licence level when utilising the Enterprise Edition combined with the ‘’ property. Can anyone shed any light on that concern? Or is it as straight forward as whatever my current lines of code total is, that is what I will need to pay for in the Enterprise Edition?


First, branch and PR analysis are available starting with Developer Edition, which is cheaper. So while you’re welcome to jump up to Enterprise Edition, don’t think you have to to get what you need.

Regarding your sonar.branch projects, you’re right that they’re artificially inflating your LOC count. You’ll need to delete those projects at some point since you won’t be able to “merge” them into their main projects even after you move to a commercial edition and the ability to use Whether you do that deletion now, during your commercial evaluation period or after you upgrade is really going to be a question of convenience, logistics, and discussion with your sales rep.

BTW, that deletion can be managed easily from Administration > Projects > Management. You’ll search there for the project key of the main project, and all of the extra projects created with sonar.branch will show up too. From there you can do a bulk delete (being careful not to delete the original! :smiley:)


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That’s exactly what I was looking for, many thanks