Line of code count?

Must-share information:

  • Using of SQ, JS and C# scanners mostly
  • what are you trying to achieve: keeping my loc count down
  • what have you tried so far to achieve this: upgrading to 1m loc :wink: It’s not enough, however.

In accordance with good practice, we have common VS projects which are shared across solutions, e.g. a MyCompany.Common namespace, containing 10k lines of code.

The common project is used in SolutionA, and SolutionB. SolutionA is 15k loc and SolutionB is 25k loc, giving me a total loc count of 40k

When analysing these in SonarQube, the total loc is also 40k, despite the same code (MyCompany.Common) being, well, common. I understand that the loc count isn’t affected by different branches, but double-counting the same project seems a bit off, unless I’m missing something?

Do I need to reconfigure my builds, perhaps? I have had a look around at the documentation and forum and can’t find anything that suggests a way of doing it…

Thank you,

Mike Kingscott