LDAP authentication method not workin


I am using sonarqube 8.4.1 on docker and trying to configure ldap. My sonarqube container is on linux os and AD is on microsoft.
I set ldap authentication method to simple which is default to test my ldap connection and it works.
However when I change authentication method to DIGEST-MD5 or GSSAPI I get errors. Like invalid creds error code or kerbores error like default file not found, etc.

Please help with steps on how to correctly configure this.

Hi @nagma,

Could you please send us the error message that you’re getting when authenticating using DIGEST-MD5 and GSSAPI ?
Thanks !

Hello @julienlancelot

My sonarqube container is now not evening starting it goes into a loop of restarting sonarqube whenever I try to set CRAM-MD5 or GSSAPI.

Can you give me proper steps on how to configure sonar.properties so that password is encrypted in browser console when we perform login to sonarqube.


Could you please send us the error logs found in logs/web.log ?

Thanks !


The web.log folder is empty and my sonarqube keeps restarting.

Thank You

Then could you please share the logs/sonar.log file?