Latest version 1.4.1 for sonarcloud-scan is not tagged on Docker Hub

It looks like the latest version 1.4.1 does not have a 1.4.1 tag on Docker Hub, only We use some pipelines that pull sonarsource/sonarcloud-scan:master and this causes it to be unable to find the image

Thank you

Hello @Pierre_Corcoran

That’s a good catch, thanks for that. In the mean time, I would advise to switch to the “latest” tag, as a best practice in general.

Hope that helps.

Version should be back to 1.4.0 now. Can you let me know If that fixes your issue ?


Yes thank you that resolved it. I had actually tried latest to see if it would resolve the issue but it did not work for me for some reason, I might look at it again

This is what I got in that case:
Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 08.42.54

That’s interesting, is there any possible cache configurable in bitbucket for docker images ?

Hmm not as far as I know; I can’t say I understand fully the relationship between a “pipe” name and a docker tag either though, since master isn’t a docker tag anyway when we do pipe: sonarsource/sonarcloud-scan:master

Ok so it’s basically rebuilding the full docker image by checking out the repo ? Didn’t know that feature.

Well I guess now that the version is fixed you can revert back to what was working before.

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