Last analysis failed: AZCWAoN1xgbg0YbBXMbe

This was 2 months ago but I just realized that the analysis were not running anymore.
No extra errors are given (or not that I could find?)

And I know the quality gate failed at the time, but I’m more interested in the security hotspots and code smells at the moment.

Is it possible analysis won’t run anymore after even 1 gate has failed? Or what else could be going on here?


(FYI, this is the last PR I made and gave me also an error: “AZCV_v4k3TFEBIw4KRj-”)
(FYI2: no failed tasks found under Administration/Background Tasks with any of these IDs)

Hello @svaningelgem , welcome to the community!

We were able to take a look and from our investigation:

  • We can see this error:
    ERROR: Issue exclusions are misconfigured. File pattern is mandatory for each entry of 'sonar.issue.ignore.multicriteria'
  • We can see that for your project, the File Path Pattern is not set in the UI under General Settings > Analysis Scope for your project

The File Path Pattern should contain the pattern to match files which should be ignored.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for this information. Is there any way I could have seen these issues myself? As I didn’t see any log entries.


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Better visibility into these errors is on our radar, but a complex subject. Hopefully, we will get there. :pray: We don’t like looking up these errors any more than you like waiting for us to look them up.


:sweat_smile: got it :+1:. I don’t mind the wait, but I’d mind bothering for trivial mistakes I could fix myself if I knew the reason :disappointed: