Last analysis failed - Analysis ID "AYpAd981a67eOfm-CHLd"

help please - thank you

Hello and welcome to the community.

What type of analysis are you using?

Hi mate

SonarCloud Code Analysis triggered via Github


From what I could find in the logs:

org.sonar.ce.task.projectanalysis.step.ValidateProjectStep$ProjectValidationException: Validation of project failed:
  o Date of analysis cannot be older than the date of the last known analysis on this project. Value: "2023-08-29T08:42:38+0000". Latest analysis: "2023-08-29T08:42:40+0000". It's only possible to rebuild the past in a chronological order.

it seems like you had two analyses running in parallel and this one that started before finished after the other.
I’d expect that to happen from time to time but it shouldn’t be consistent. Are you still experiencing issues ?

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