Last analysis failed Analysis ID "13a4faed-da36-48b3-8025-9375bdd38fc9"

We are doing commits on our GitHub repository but the analysis always fail, we don’t know why. In the Background Task don’t appear the failed commits.

Estamos haciendo commits en nuestro repositorio en Github pero el analisis siempre falla y no sabemos por que. En el apartado de BackGround Task no aparecen los commits que han fallado

Hello @miguelangel90. Welcome to our community.

Did you setup your analysis on a CI environment, or are you using Automatic Analysis?


Hello Andrey Luiz , we are using Automatic Analysis.

Thanks for answer.

Hello @miguelangel90.

Once you have a newer Analysis for us to check, please, send it here. We’ll be happy to help.