Language version

Hi Everyone.
I am new to sonarqube and I would like to know what type of criteria it uses to identify the different versions of the different languages ​​(since I read that it is able to identify which version of java and apply its rules) so I would like to know how it applies those criteria if these are in a file, if it can be modified or not.

Hey there.

Typically, the scanner can pick this up from the build environment (in the case of Maven, for example, relying on maven.compiler.source and in the pom.xml)

This can be overridden, but typically doesn’t need any manual configuration. Is there a particular reason you’re trying to modify this?

none is for the mere fact that how I did it and if I could apply any condition or standard of a different version to the one I am trying to analyze since I analyze code extracts not the complete project