Info about Version of integrated/internalized Language-(Scanner?)-Plugins

Hello everyone,

TLDR Question at the top:

How do i find out which versions of the internalized plugins i am currently using in SQ server community edition?

(please answer in comments, if needed, what more information is helpful than that i am talking about community edition of 8.5.1)

Today, i tried to find out what version of the java-scanner-plugin is installed in sonarqube server and if i might need to update it.

I remembered that (starting with 8.5?) sonarsource internalized the use of most of the commonly (formerly) found jars under /extensions/plugins … so that they do not show up there any more.

But now, for example i have no java-scanner listed under plugins … so … where do i find info about the supplied scanner-versions?


Hey there.

You can’t update plugins any longer :slight_smile:

hi colin @Colin_SonarSource

ty for the quick reply! That clears it up (quite most of it :)) and thanks for the link to the Announcement.

So … i interpret that as “i am relieved of checking for newer versions” \o/ … but my pondering brain now thinks about:

"hmm :thinking: where/how do i find out how the (formerly delivered as a plugin-jar) java scanner does what it does?

So …

  • are there still versions for the internalized language plugins? and
  • in which repo-area might i find what i am looking for? :innocent:

TIA and cheers

So I’ll flip this back to you (so I can answer more precisely, or pass your feedback on), what more do you need to know other than what is in your SonarQube version’s documentation and what you see on your instance (the Rules tab, Quality Profiles tab, etc.) :slight_smile:

And so it doesn’t seem like I’m avoiding your question: yes, for now, we still version our analyzers internally and include a specific version with each SonarQube release. But the goal is that externally, the answer about what language analysis features are included in SonarQube v8.5.1 is… the language analysis features that shipped with v8.5.1, not a specific plugin.

thanks for the clear answer, let me try to address your question first:

  • what more do i need to know?
    actually i dont know, yet, what i need to know … maybe it is what i want to know … most probably it is what i want to know, actually :blush:

See, that is why i wrote “my pondering brain” … i was hoping i anticipated your goal (to simplify stuff) correctly and at the same time i was wondering “they probably will not get rid of a versioning they kept using for years … so where is it now?” :nerd_face:

Also by thinking about this i got curious about where in git(hub?) the relevant sources of the formerly delivered jars is located … but i wasn’t curious enough to look it up myself.

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