kotlin:S1128 Cannot update to the "fixed" false positive rule

Hi, I faced the same issue with this one, kotlin:S1128 False Positive Jetpack Compose

Based on the solution, it has already been fixed. However, I still face the issue when I scan my code using both sonarqube cli and sonar lint. I tried to re-install the sonarlint plugin (to the latest version), but still face the issue. The sonarlint still detect the code smells.

Is there any step that I missed to update the rule?

Sonarqube gradle plugin version:
Sonarlint version:


Hey there.

Can you share a code sample where the issue is still produced? Or does the code from the other thread still raise the issue in your enviroment?


Yes, the code from the other thread still raise the issue in my environment, both via sonarlint and sonarqube cli task.


Hi Daniel,

Sorry for the long response time! Is the problem still relevant?

The fix should have been part of SonarQube release 9.3 (which contains SonarKotlin 2.8 where the problem was fixed).

Which SonarQube version do you use? Have you also upgraded this to the latest version, or only the SonarLint plugin and Gradle plugin?