When are bug fixes for the "Analyzer for Kotlin" available in SonarCloud?

We have some false positives for imports in SonarCloud after starting to use Jetpack Compose in our Android project:

I believe this ticket from September ([SONARKT-139] S1128: FP despite reference to constant in companion object of target class - SonarSource) which I found linked from here (Unused import false positives) fixed the issue in the “Analyzer for Kotlin”, but we still get the false positives in SonarCloud.

Is there a way for me to configure SonarCloud to use a newer version of the “Analyzer for Kotlin” so that we no longer get these false positives?

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Hello @Zredna and welcome to the community!

Thanks for raising this question. Usually, once the version of analyzer is released, it takes a few days to see it on SonarCloud. So the ticket you’re referencing is fixed and already on SonarCloud (as you can see at the end of the referenced thread)

The reason, why you’re facing this FP is different and is related to another ticket: [SONARKT-182] S1128: FP on imports for delegates and "in" "!in" operators - SonarSource. We’re aware of the problem and plan to fix it soon.


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