Kotlin Language Page is out of date? Says version 1.5 is supported, JIRA says 1.7

The documentation page for Kotlin support says version supported “through 1.5”, however your bug tracker says 1.7 is supported. Which is right?

Assuming the bug-tracker is, can you update your documentation? We use this to define usage restrictions (eg: you can only use versions of Kotlin supported by SQ).

Hey there.

Kotlin v1.7 support isn’t quite deployed yet (on SonarCloud) and will come with the next SonarQube release (v9.6). So when the next version of SonarQube is released, you should expect the website to be updated (but I’m not sure who is keeping tabs on these pages, so I’ll nudge internally).

Thanks Colin! (sorry, can’t @ you… I’m a “new user”)

We understand that docs sometimes slip through the cracks :wink: I think it is important to make sure the supported version is up to date on the page linked as it may cause some users to not use SQ if they think it does not support newer versions.

Appreciate the quick reply!

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