Known vulnerable files scanning?

Can anyone tell me if Sonar can find known vulnerable versions of well-known files like jQuery, or other frameworks?

I really don’t want to scan 100’s of K of “vendor” supplied source, but I also don’t want to lose any notifications of vulnerable components. What’s the solution here?

Hi Erik!

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SonarCloud do not offer Software Composition Analysis and focus on SAST only.
But you can definitely ignore all the vendor code when running your SonarCloud analysis and in parallel use a different tool specialized in SCA.

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In my teams we use the owasp dependency check to scan for vulnerabilities and then upload the results with the sonarqube scan: It will integrate into your sonarqube report as vulnerabilities.

I don’t think that works in sonarcloud though. I’ve read that plugins are not supported…

Indeed, this plugin is not available on SonarCloud.