Jenkins - Java Build - .class not found Indexed lang 'null'

SonarQube Version Upgraded 6.7.3 to 7.2 (Scans worked in 6.7.3 without issues)
SonarQube Plugin Upgraded from 2.8 to 2.11

SonarQube Pluging was uninstalled, SonarQube was then upgraded and the latest plugin was then installed.

Trying to figure out what would cause the .class files to not be found.

sonar.sources set to ${WORKSPACE}, set to workspace folder path (made no difference) set to **/classes, **/.class, and relative path to class folder (made no difference) set to the path of the library folder (original removed, but added for testing; made no change)


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First, even 7.2 is pretty old at this point. The current version is 8.2 and the current LTS is 7.9.3. You should complete your upgrade to one of them at your earliest convenience.

Regarding your analysis error, there’s not a lot to go on here. Please post the code-formatted (``` on the line before and on the line after) text of your analysis logs.