java:S6212 : Local-Variable Type Inference should be used - readded to sonar way?

  • Community Edition Version 8.9.9 (build 56886)

We updated last week and now there are this (imho) unwanted code smells everywhere
In an earlier post

you said that it was removed from the sonar way but it seems to have found its way back into it

can you remove it again please

Marcel Rüedi

Hey there.

As @Quentin mentioned, it was only removed in SonarQube v9.x

So unless you can upgrade to v9.6, your best bet is to copy this Quality Profile and remove the rule. Assuming no further drift, you can go back to using the built-in Quality Profile once you’ve upgraded to a v9.x version.

Ok thanks, I thought we upgraded to the newest but we upgraded to LTS