Java rule - boolean variables should be prefixed with is or has

Similar to the existing rule we have


The names of methods with boolean return values should start with “is” or “has”

Have a rule for variables which is a good best practise and applicable in most cases ie few false positives


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Hello @mattadamson,

Thanks for reaching out; if I understood correctly, you are proposing a new rule to enforce that boolean variables are prefixed by is or has. Is it correct?


yes exactly sorry for the delay in replying

Hello @mattadamson, thanks for clarifying. It seems that, officially, there is no convention for naming boolean variables and fields, but only a lot of rumors and discussions going on.

There is no correct way to name boolean variables and having a generic rule for such a controversial topic will result in more troubles than benefits for the users. For example, false positives can happen in cases where flags are named using verbs: “canX”, “doesX”, “supportsX”, etc…