Java Maven Multi Module Project error 504 upstream request timeout


My goal is to scan a Java project built with Maven consisting of multiple modules. I receive the following error:

Failed to upload report: Error 504 on

I am running Sonarqube scanner CLI and am specifying the modules using sonar.sources environment variable and sonar.exclusions where needed.
The sonarqube scan seems to be able to complete, but when the report tries to upload onto the sonarqube server, it appears that this is where it fails. I was able to get it to pass when I excluded all but a single module. This is the first and only project that I’ve ever seen this error on.
Is there a timeout setting or size setting for report uploads in the deployment that needs to get changed for these larger projects?

Currently running Sonarqube Enterprise Edition 10.1, AKS deployment using Helm, Sonarqube Scanner CLI on the latest version.


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There is likely something on your network, e.g. a proxy, that’s blocking the analysis report submission. You should check with your network folks.


Could I get some more clarification here on where to look? So I have about 500 other projects, many of which are Java/Maven projects (though most don’t have a dozen or so modules like in this case) and never have run into the issue where the report submission would timeout. What is required on the networking side in order for report submissions to work correctly?


I would talk to your network folks. Likely there’s a payload size limit that’s kicking in with this large project. I really can’t be more specific about where to look because this really is a network thing rather than a SonarQube thing,