java.lang.OutOfMemoryError even when MAVEN_OPTS is set to 7680MB

Dear community,

Since november 23 last year we get a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError or similar during analyzing our project.

Our project is a jhipster application with typescript front-end and java back-end and has around 114K LOC. We run de analysis on a Bitbucket Pipeline with the sonar-maven-plugin version Which use the following SonarQube version: SonarQube version: and publish it to SonarCloud.

We have tried to increase memory for Maven and even Node by setting it to -Xmx7680m (Maven) en --max-old-space-size=7680 (Node). But we still keep receiving the same error.
We’re kind of limited this number because of the limitations of the bitbucket pipeline container so increasing it to a higher memory is impossible.

.In the logging we can see it keep getting stuck at the following log line Running symbolic analysis for ‘JS’. This line is logged during the JSSecurity step of the analysis.

In summary we try to get rid of the OutOfMemoryError but increasing its max memory allocated doesn’t seem to do the trick. Do you guys have an idea where to look further?

Logging can be provided by request.

Thanks in advance!


I have resolved the problem. It seems like the docker image we use to run container with is the problem. Another image seems to be the solution and with even a lower setting of MAVEN_OPTS.

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