SonarCloud out of memory on BitBucket


Since yesterday, we’re experiencing some issues with SonarCloud scan: all of our BitBucket repos host node.js code, with a pipeline that - among with other things - run the step pipe: sonarsource/sonarcloud-scan:1.4.0. The pipeline is configured to use 3072MB of memory.

Yesterday, the pipelines of all of our repos started to fail with this error: Container 'docker' exceeded memory limit.. Even repos where the code wasn’t changed at all.

After several tries, we found that the only way to solve the issue is to allocate 7GB of memory, but given that this double our BitBucket cost, is not an option.

Then, apparently this morning the pipelines started to work again. Given that this behavior is kinda weird, as far as you know there was some service distruption yesterday?

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No, unfortunately the pipelines continue to fail. Do you have any advice?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Sorry about the delay in responding. It seems that the problem went away? And is still resolved?

FYI, I’m not seeing anything in the incident history on the SonarCloud status page.


Hi! Yes, we managed to solve the issue by setting the SONAR_SCANNER_OPTS variable -Xmx2048m and by adding the sonar.javascript.node.maxspace=2048 line in the file.

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