java.lang.IllegalStateException: The "build-wrapper-dump.json" file was found empty

Hello Team,

  1. No i am doing compilation with build-wrapper in the different environment

and analysis is in the different environment, This steps i need to do now and update about this logs

2 .Already i have shared build_wrapper_output_directory ,anyways i am sending again pls PF attached with this mail.

  1. I have deployed sonar server is that fine?
    For docker based i need to follow any other process?

Nagendra.J (658 Bytes)

I’m sorry but if you do the compilation and the analysis in two different environments, it can’t work.

Hello Team,

As you said, I tried compilation for both build-wrapper and sonar scanning in same environment,the sonar-scanner -X command executed successful , But still no luck, i found another issue ,Please find that issues screen-shots attached with this mail


Hello @nagendra_jonnalagadd,

It’s hard to tell what’s wrong with two screenshots.
It seems that no file has been found to be analyzed. Can you confirm the build-wrapper was called with a clean build command?
If so, please share the following: build-wrapper-dump.json, build-wrapper.log as well as the output of the sonar-scanner command

@Team , i resolved issue what i sent before mail, Now am getting results in sonar server. Please check screen-shot and update is it correct out-put or not.

I’m not sure what you want us to say from this screenshot… It seems you have results indeed, so that’s good.

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