java.lang.IllegalStateException: java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: /Users/travis/build/[secure]/.../bw_output/build-wrapper-dump.json

Hi there,

I have been facing this issue since moving to sonarcloud. I am trying to analyze objective C code and the build-wrapper-dump.json cannot be find. The report is not being generated due to this error and thus not getting uploaded to sonarcloud. I am using TravisCI for build, stating sonarqube as addon:

sonarqube: true
organization: “…”

The travis is installing buildwrapper and everything. Also , this error only happens when I set suffixes as sonar.cfamily.obj.suffixes=.h,.m but when I remove them the error is gone.

Please help me out here.

Hi @Play9win,

are you wrapping your build with the build-wrapper? You can have a look at this example project:

Otherwise some logs would be helpful.

I am searching for a build wrapper solution for macosx.