Java: Custom overview

I want to implement a custom overview for my custom measures.
Could I implement this?
If yes, please, share some code samples or point to calls that are responsible to add this feature.
Thanks in advance.

@Julien_HENRY sorry if it’s annoying you, but could you assist with this.

Nope sorry, I do not know frontend/UI extension points, except official documentation:

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Hi @Vitalii_Mazurok,

If someone from the community has already volunteered their help/advice in your thread, then it’s okay to further invoke them in it. However, it’s not cool to just dragoon people into your thread.

To address your question, it’s not possible to change the project homepage. You should be able to add an additional page, tho. Here are the docs on that:


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I apologise, G Ann Campbell,
I try to be polite and thankful for all the answers.
Sorry if I cross some line.