Java 17 needed for SonarQube 10.4

Hello, we are running SonarQube 10.3 with JDK 17 and noticed that SonarQube is providing the warning
“SonarScanner will require Java 17 to run, starting in SonarQube 10.4”. Will JDK 17 work in place of Java 17 (under 10.4)? Also, is it telling us that SonarQube does not see JDK 17 or is it just a general message being placed (regardless of which version of Java/JDK is being used)?

Hello @bufbooth, this community post should clarify your questions.
You are already running SonarQube with JDK17, that warning is related to the fact that your sonar scanner is using JDK11.
JDK11 for running the scanner was deprecated a few months ago and SonarQube 10.4 will drop the support for it.
The post I linked has all the details on the topic.


So to be clear, if we are running under JDK17/Java17 that Warning message will stop being displayed?

Once you run your scanner with JDK17 the warning will go away.

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