Java 11 Error in Console

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    I am trying to use the developer SonarQube download and I have also tried the Community version and get the same results.

After download I am getting this error in my console when I run the sonar.bat file.

I have tried looking for the java 11 download but unable to find it.
Does SonarQube have a download that is safe to use for these products?


Hello @schall,

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To solve your problem you must meet the basic requirement to first install Java 11 on your machine (JRE or the more comprehensive JDK). You can download a JDK:

(There are plenty of other places, the above is not a recommendation, just a suggestion, for instance the AdoptOpenJDK).


Great! Thank you @OlivierK . This is helpful I was guided to a lot of spam websites when Googling Java 11 download. I will start from here thank you!

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