Error SonarQube Scanner

Hello ,

Have you ever encountered the same type of error?

I noticed the following errors:

Sonarqube : 9.1
Oracle JRE java 11
Windows 2019 server
2019 (MSSQL Server 15.0


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That error message is telling you that the executable (the scanner) isn’t compatible with the Java version you’re running. In this case, it looks like you’re running Java 8/52.0* and you should be running Java 11/55.0.


*I don’t know why they make these messages so hard to read. I have to look up the major-version-to-human-readable-version conversion every single time. :roll_eyes:

Hello ,

Thank you for your quick feedback!

I’m using JRE 11, so I shouldn’t have this kind of problem …

I’ll see if there is a way to force the use of java 11.