Jacoco code coverage maven

Hi team,
When I’m trying to run the maven project using jacoco plugin to check the code coverage results I am facing huge issue.
When I am trying to run in my local environment using jacoco few test cases aren’t showing coverage results and getting the below error.

[INFO] --- jacoco-maven-plugin: (post-unit-test) @ kcam ---
[INFO] Analyzed bundle 'KCAM :: 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT' with 79 classes
[WARNING] Classes in bundle 'KCAM :: 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT' do no match with execution data. For report generation the same class files must be used as at runtime.
[WARNING] Execution data for class com/amd/dff/G85Converter$SMapData does not match.
[WARNING] Execution data for class com/amd/kdf/kcam/parsers/ParserFactory does not match.
[WARNING] Execution data for class com/amd/kdf/kcam/output/TNR2Output does not match.
[WARNING] Execution data for class com/amd/dff/G85Converter does not match.

Few classes are showing zero percentage coverage and the same thing happening in SonarQube coverage report too.
Could you please help me with that?


Your best bet to sort this out is the JaCoCo community.


Hi Ann,
Could you please provide jacoco communitty details to contact