Isufficient permission during login with a gitlab repository

Hello and thank you for support me.

->I’m using sonarqube * Community Edition * Version 9.2.4 (build 50792)
and trying to use the gitlab for login to have only one account for both platform.

->i’m using GitLab Enterprise Edition 14.4.2-ee

both platform are installed and running on a debian 10 linux version and are exposed with two different dns:

running in a intranet network so not exposed on internet.
the SSL handshake are termintated on VIP F5 that manage the dns and rounting on virtual machine debian, so the application server that serve gitlab and sonarqube respond on different port on HTTP protocol.

i follow the guide to enable the gitlab login on sonarqube and when i start the login page of sonarqube, with happiness, i show the “login with gitlab” button.
If i try to use it, the browser move on gitlab login page and after i put the gitlab credential, is shown a gitlab page where ask me " Authorize AuthForSonarqube to use your account?"; i click “authorize” and an error page is shown with the message “You’re not authorized to access this page. Please contact the administrator.” back me on sonarqube login page.

any suggestion about my problem?

Thank you in advance for support me