Issues with the documentation

I am evaluating SonarQube. I keep running into issues with the documentation (webpages). Not a great first impression.

  1. The support page has a link to submit a support ticket, which requires a login but has no Register option. Great. So I am forced to bother the users of the community forum instead.


“Add the MSBuild build step or the Execute Windows batch command to execute the build with MSBuild 14 (see compatibility) to your build.”

14? Not 15? I have 15. So I have to downgrade or what?

  1. Where is the “compatibility” info mentioned in point (2) by the way?


“.NET Core Global Tool”

So only for .NET Core?


"allows easy analysis of any .NET project "

So it’s .NET Framework too, not just .NET Core? Is the tool incorrectly named or is the description wrong? “any .NET project” really sounds like it can handle everything but… I don’t know. Getting mixed messages.


It talks about creating a SonarQube.Analysis.xml file in the install directory.
That’s fine when you download the zip with the .NET Framework version or the .NET Core version, but where is the install directory when you install the global tool using
“dotnet tool install --global dotnet-sonarscanner --version 4.7.1” ???

Not sure if any dev sees this and can do anything about it. It’s not great when someone evaluating a product continously stumbles because of incorrect documentation.