Issue with Build-Wrapper


Need help on static code analysis (C/C+± project) using SonarQube.

As part of setup and process, we run the SonarQube successfully and trying to build the build wrapper using below command for the project.

build-wrapper-linux-x86-64 --out-dir /home/builds/build_output make clean all

we are getting the below error where the path and files are present at specified location and had all the required permissions.
The following baselines are not available in the current build configuration:

TNS_LTE = /app/space/builds/lte/lte-

Make certain that the baselines have been built for this platform and
build customization.

Distribution: CentOS-7-x86_64
OS Version: Linux-3.10-x86_64
Build customization:

Run “make show-config” to see the entire build configuration.

Please help us to pass this error
Attaching the build-wraper.logbuild-wrapper.log (31.0 KB) file

Thanks in Advance.


Can you confirm that your build command works without the build-wrapper? I.e. executing make clean all succeeds?

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