Issue with build-wrapper-output


(Jérémy Grosjean) #1

Hello everyone,

I’m using a script to trigger sonar cloud on bitrise but I have an issue I can’t fix


I have the error below:
‘’ is mandatory

Can you tell me what I do wrong please? I’ve search work arround for hours now.
Thanks for reading me.


(Colin Mueller) #2

Jérémy, is no longer supported on SonarCloud as it is using a new version of SonarCFamily (v6.0) where this long deprecated parameter has been dropped.

I’d go ahead and check out our documentation on analyzing C/C++ code with the build wrapper


(Jérémy Grosjean) #3

Thanks for your reply.
I’ve check this part of the doc and I tried to set a path instead of using bypass. But I had an error
java.lang.IllegalStateException: java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: /Users/vagrant/git/./sonar-scanner-

Indeed I don’t have a build-wrapper-dump.json but I don’t know how to download the Build Wrapper.
In the doc they told to download on local host has they create the server themself but I don’t know how to find the Build Wrapper in my case (I use SonarCloud).

I was not able to find mention of that in the doc.

(Colin Mueller) #4

This is a good point (and not the first time confusion has come from the docs referencing localhost).

For SonarCloud, you can substitute (

(Jérémy Grosjean) #5

Thank you for your help! It works now.