Issue tag is not being inherited from Rule tag

SonarQube version:
Scanner: sonar-scanner-
Plugin: custom xml rules, sonar-xml-plugin-2.1.0
also it doesn’t work when adding xml rule through the webadmin XPath rule.

I want My issues to be categories by default with the same tag of the rules that create them.

for example in the below example I used built-in tag android for the rule, but the issue created was with no tags.

same is when I don’t use built-in tag and create my own.

this should be straight forward, am I missing another configuration to be done.

All I did was to set tag on a rule, scan and expect the issue found by this rule to have same tag.

Hey there.

This is fixed in SonarQube 8.5.

thank you, will try it out.


I am having the same problem. I use sonarcloud .
The tags of the issues are not inherited from the rules.

Can you confirm that that works?

Thanks in advance,