Is there a way to exclude files before the analysis start

I have big repositories plenty of lines I don’t want to analyse. Every time I add one of them the analysis starts and soon after I have an error because the number of lines exceeds my organization plan.

Is there a way to exclude some directories BEFORE the analysis starts but after adding the repo in SoundCloud?

Thank you in advance.

PS: By the way, I can’t find a way to restart the analysis after upgrading my plan so I have to delete the project and start all over again.

PS2: Is there some other official communication channel for complaining about this kind of issues? This is a paid service and support leaves much to be desired.

Hi @miguelmsoler ,

Reading through the lines, I expect you are using automatic analysis; indeed if you are running the sonar scanner yourself, you would define scoping at that point.

Anyway, on this assumption, I would invite to you check these pages:

  • automatic analysis - see the Additional analysis configuration paragraph
  • and then, more generally this page about defining your scope

I hope this helps!

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