SonarCloud UI analysis settings not updating

I am trying to configure SonarCloud to exclude certain directories from the analysis.

Under Admin > General Settings > Analysis Scope I have added the following coverage exclusions:


Under Administration > Background Tasks I am able to see the following scanner report when it is run:

Project server settings:
  - sonar.autoscan.enabled=true
  - sonar.coverage.exclusions=**/vendor/**,**/subtrees/**,**/__migrations__/**,src/static/css/*.css,**/test_*.py
Project scanner properties:
  - sonar.coverage.exclusions=**/*
  - sonar.exclusions=**/*.cs,**/*.c,**/*.h,**/*.cc,**/*.cpp,**/*.cxx,**/*.c++,**/*.hh,**/*.hpp,**/*.hxx,**/*.h++,**/*.ipp,**/*.m,**/*.java,**/*.jav,**/*sql,**/*tab,**/*pkb,**/*.vb

However files in all these directories are still being included in the analysis.

I added these changes after setting up the initial project, however have made several commits since then without any changes being reflected.

Any help would be really appreciated!

Hey there.

Based on the Scanner Context, it appears that you set Coverage Exclusions (sonar.coverage.exclusions) in the UI instead of Source File Exclusions (sonar.exclusions)

If files are only excluded for coverage, they will still be analyzed by SonarCloud with metrics calculated and issues reported.

Does that sound like it could be the issue?