Is there a way I can set PR decoration globally for all the users who raise PR

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I see that the Pull request decoration has to be done per user specific, I dont want to give Admin access on Sonarcloud to all the users who raise a PR. How can I set the PR decoration globally?

@midhun1909 Sorry, I didn’t get your point about per user specific. The PR decoration is set on the for example as I know and the integration between the code management tool and SonarCloud(e.g.: GitHub integrations + SonarCloud).

Maybe I am wrong here but could you please explain me better the idea?

Considering this configuration that I mentioned above, the PR decoration is set “globally” to everyone that have rights to raise a PR.

I have set Pull request decoration for my project/repo. Will that be applicable for any developer who creates the PR?

@midhun1909 I think so because I don’t see any correlation between the developer’s repository account and the SonarCloud PR Decoration.

Should work fine :wink:

Could you do a test with someone with developer rights and see the result?

I tried testing with myself and it worked, then I tried with a different user, the status shows as waiting. Later I tried myself again and it started showing the same for me. Not sure where to check the logs or where to check on what cases it shows as waiting.

Hi @midhun1909

Do you have any warnings on your project’s Dashboard on SonarCloud, on the PR that has been analyzed ?


I think I solved it, somehow the PAS was deleted, I recreated and now the PR decoration is working fine

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