Is SonarQube working/allowed on Guidewire Cloud

Hello Sonarsource community,

Excuse me if this is the not right section to post on about cloud compatibility,
I would like to ask if SonarQube is working / compliant with Guidewire Cloud.
Thank you in advance.

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Hey there.

What does it mean to you with regard to “working/compliant with Guidewire Cloud”? More details would be excellent.

Hi @Colin ,

Thank you for the reply.
From what I know, Guidewire cloud restricts the usage of third party plugins and requires special certifications for them to be deployed on their environment.

I would like to understand if Guidewire Cloud ‘allows’ SonarQube on their environment and/or if you know of instances of the following being done.

Apologies for the poor wording, I hope this conveys the message.

Bumping the thread, perhaps @Julien_HENRY you might know something on the topic?

Thank you in advance, as always honoured to be part of this community!

Hi @davidesn

I have no idea, sorry.

BTW please avoid tagging people that are not part of a thread: FAQ - Sonar Community

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Apologies, thank you for your input.

On a side note, does Sonarcloud allow external / custom analyser(sensors)?

Bumping, still seeking answer to both questions :crossed_fingers: