Gosu Language and PCF files

Sonar cloud can be used for Gosu language and PCF files, which are specifically used in Guidewire applications. Guidewire provides SonarQube plugin but no support the SonarCloud.

We recently started looking into the possibility of writing custom Gosu or PCF files. How difficult to write…?. We didn’t find specific tutorial or documentation, which guide us to write a new plugin for Guidewire applications.

Can you please help us or guide us. If somebody has implemented a similar kind of initiative.


Hi @nmalik-dlg and welcome to the community !

If you speak about a custom plugin for SonarCloud, then i’m afraid to say that this is not supported. Custom plugin can only be installed on SonarQube.


Thanks Mickael

Appreciate your reply. We are new to SonarCloud.

Any other possibility apart from plugin. Which might works for gosu code analysis. We have huge repositories in gosu language.

Thank You

Hi @nmalik-dlg,

Hope that this late reply will be still useful.

At Sollers Consulting, as we’re working extensively with Gosu software, we have developed a dedicated Sonar plugin for that language (currently we have over 100 pre-defined rules), and Guidewire Studio IDE specific plugin – if you’re willing to give a plugin a try after all.

If you would like to know more details feel free to visit our website https://sollers.eu/services-products/goqu/ or just send us an e-mail directly to: goqu@sollers.eu

We will be more than happy to assist you.

Kind regards,