Is being no longer supported from Version 8.9.1?

Is being no longer supported starting from Enterprise Edition Version 8.9.1
If is not supported then what is the replacement for this property?
We use and for generating the sonar scan report.

If I have to achieve the same report, what will be the alternative or replacement for these properties?
I will really appreciate your time reading and replying to my questions.


Welcome to the community!

I guess you’ve just upgraded from 7.9.*? In the meantime, we dropped the Short-lived Branch concept, which is the only context was used in. So you’ll just use as usual to assign your branch name.

You may also be interested in the docs on how inactive branches are managed.


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Hi Ann,

Really appreciate your quick response to my query. Thats correct we upgraded from 7.9.* to 8.9.1.
I have a question, should we be only scanning on main branches then (develop, release & master)? What about the dry runs, is there any arguments we can use?

Thanks & Regards

Hi Reddy,

No, not at all. Continue analyzing all your branches. Just know that the mechanisms have changed slightly and that you’ll now get a fuller analysis report on your feature branches.


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