IS new .esproj type of .NET 6 supported?

If it’s supported would like to know starting from which version of SonarScanner and SonarQube is this available?

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It’s always best to be on the latest versions of SonarQube and the scanners. Regarding .esproj, support isn’t clear to me.


Hi Nishant

Apologies for late response! Because .esproj was introduced with .NET 6 the minimum SonarQube version required is 9.2 but of course we’d now recommend you are at least on the 9.9 LTS. For the best .NET support its best to keep up to date with the new 10.x releases and the latest version of Scanner for .NET as we are continually improving the analysis.

It seems that our Scanner for .NET initially ignored esproj projects, however, if you create one of these projects in the latest version of VS2022 the projects are scanned successfully. It seems that Microsoft has been updating the Visual Studio Javascript SDK that is referenced and since version 0.5.35 its worked. If you have an older project that isn’t being scanned it may be possible for you to update the SDK version in the esproj file like this:

<Project Sdk="Microsoft.VisualStudio.JavaScript.Sdk/0.5.74-alpha">

We can’t guarantee that this won’t have other side effects but it worked for us. You’ll notice that all the versions of this SDK are alpha at the moment so things may change again.

I hope this update is helpful. Please let me know if you continue to have problems.


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Thanks a lot. I will check it out based on my other priorities but it’s really good news to hear and thanks for your followup

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I want to start working with SonqQube, as on Prime version 9.0 or 10.0 it is computable to work with. Net 6?
It’s very important for me to start with this tool.

HI @roniglik2023,

You should start with the latest version: 10.0 (10.1 imminent).