Is metrics related to Public Documented API (%) Deprecated?

  • Version: SonarQube 7.9

Hi, I am interested in the metrics in SonarQube -> ‘Measures’ -> C/C++ -> ‘Public Documented API (%)’. In particular, I would like to know the following:

  1. Is this metric deprecated? (I saw another post which might answer my question, but not sure if it provides confirmation - Public API Doc% - Inconsistency in computation SQ6.7.7) If so, I should use some plugins from doxygen.
  2. If no, can I have some enlightenment in terms of how this metric is computed (is there any documentation explaining it?); also, upon clicking into the metric, I realised that sonarqube does not highlight any code portion which does/does not have comments, further implying this might be deprecated.



Welcome to the community.

As mentioned in the other post you found, yes it is deprecated.



Sorry, I would like to clarify something else - so if I want to retrieve some metrics related to code documentation, I will probably have to add some doxygen plugin to sonarqube right?


That sounds reasonable, although TBH I don’t know what metrics a Doxygen plugin would provide. I’m not even sure there is one that’s compatible with current SonarQube versions. The only Doxygen plugin I’m aware of stopped being current several years ago.