Need Sonarqube Metrics Definitions for out of box Sonarqube Metrics_List

Hi Team,

We have already a copy of existing Sonarqube_Metrics list, where all the sonarqube metrics present in our pipelines/api/measures/component are covered as per the existing Sonarqube_Metrics list.

But as part of one pipeline we have found the below Sonarqube Metrics which are out of box from the existing Sonarqube_Metrics list/ official documentation(checked in latest sonarqube 9.9 version).


So now we are looking to find out the definitions for the above listed sonarqube metrics, in order to update our client those are the newly found sonarqube metrics which they should include in future pipelines/api/measures/component.

Note: Not able to find the Sonarqube Metrics definitions for the above listed metrics, we have tried in official sonarqube documentation of 9.9 LTS and in google as well.

Could you please help us in finding out the definitions for the above listed out of box sonarqube metrics.

Murali Sulam

Hey there.

Definitions don’t exist for these metrics as they are all either deprecated (and no longer populated) or removed.

Deprecated in SonarQube v4.2, removed in SonarQube v7.7

Hiden in Sonarqube 6.7, will be dropped completely in 10.1. No analyzers have populated these metrics in several years.

Deprecated in 6.2

Hi Colin,

Thanks for your quick response, we appreciate it!!

But we have still one query regarding this deprecated Sonar Metrics as mentioned below.

The above mentioned deprecated Sonar Metrics is already present in our existing API/measures Pipelines, as of now the API response is getting success, but if we continue to use these deprecated Sonar Metrics in our existing Pipelines, any chance in getting the API response failure.

Could you please confirm us, so that we can ask our client to remove this deprecated sonar metrics from our existing Pipelines API/Measures.

Murali Sulam

It should not fail on an instance that, in the past, had these metrics registered (meaning it used to be an older version of SonarQube). On a fresh instance, you will receive an error.

Thanks Colin…!! :star_struck:

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