Is it possible that i feed the sonar two branches of one project and get the coverage report of the diff line?

In enterprise ,we release new version nearly every week, I only need to test the new function on the new branch ,i.e.,i only need test the code that added or modified for the new module . So ,I want the coverage rate of this part of the code instead of the full code.
I am using the latest version of SonarQube(7.3), the lastest version of jacoco (7.9). I want to get new code coverage of my project after i do the manual test. I have successfully get the .exec file produced by jacoco.
What i want is i feed the exec file , my branch name and github url of my project to sonarQube and sonarQube will produce the coverage report on the code that added or modified on my new branch? Does sonarqube support this scenario?

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Hi there,

Coverage data on analysis of short-living branches and pull-requests is currently not supported. The good news is that it’s work in progress ! More details in this [Deprecated] Suggest new features topic: