Is Developer Edition supporting swift package manager or cocoapods?


have a good day

  • I want to take “sonarqube Developer Edition” , but I don’t know if it is supporting swift package manager or cocoapods .?
  • is the way to upload the swift project same as maven ?

thank you

Hi @walee1eed and welcome to SonarSource Community!

To scan a project on SonarQube, you need to use SonarScanner:

  • There is a specific flavour of SonarScanner which makes it easy to scan projects using Maven dependency management tool.
  • However, for any other project, you will be using the SonarScanner CLI.

In the case ob Objective-C projects, you can follow specific instructions to analyse the project here. For Swift, simply follow the generic instructions using SonarScanner CLI. If your project is written using any combination of the 27 programming languages we support, then it can be scanned.

You can always request a free trial of Developer Edition and try it out for yourself.