Is Checkstyle Analyzer plugin needed anymore

Current Environment: `SonarQube Community EditionVersion 9.4 (build 54424)`
Installed Plugin: `Checkstyle - External Analysers 10.1`

Hello community,

I am sorry if this question has already been answered here before.
We have the Checkstyle plugin installed in our current environment, as described above, however I am not sure if it provides any additional benefits anymore.

As far as I understand, older versions of SonarQube (prior to v8.9) did not include Checkstyle analyzer by default, so it had to be installed as a plugin in order to utilize all the corresponding rules.

However, the latest SonarQube versions (9.0+) include the Checkstyle plugin analyzer by default.
Is this correct?

If so, is there any point in installing this plugin in versions 9.0+?
Will it still provide any extra Rules?
Is it okay to uninstall it from our current environment or are we going to “lose” findings from our projects?

Thank you all in advance,

Hey there.

SonarQube (in no supported version) executes Checkstyle by default – so if you still want to take advantage of rules from Checkstyle that aren’t available in SonarQube natively, you’ll need to keep the plugin installed.

Greetings Collin.

I see, I must have got it wrong then.
We will keep the plugin installed

Thank you very much for your answer.

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