Invalid Github Application private key when I integrate GitHub with Sonarqube 8.8

  • Sonarqube-

  • I am trying to integrate my repositories in Github(enterprise 2.22.3) to Sonarqube, but fail to setup the ALM Integrations when I add my Github App I have installed

  • It always reports invalid Gitbub application private key. I tried to re-generate a key(copy/paste the content in .pem file), still failed.

Sorry, I address this issue 30s later. I hate it! need copy the entire content including “---- begin xxxx—”, and “---- end xxx-----”

Hey @zhou_hangxing !
I’m sorry that you struggled with this “detail”, it already happened to me as well not so long ago and it’s very frustrating.
Thank you for your feedback, we will definitely enhance this part :wink:

Kind regards,

Thanks Christophe~ I should have more trials before I raise a help, but it would be very helpful if the UI is able to notify more for users.

:joy: :joy: