Pull request decoration for GitHub Entreprise : missing settings fields on Sonar


I am currently using SonarQube Enterprise Edition 7.9.5 and GitHub Enterprise Server 3.0.9 and I would like to integrate Sonar analysis on my GitHub repositories’ pull requests.

I followed this guide from SonarQube Docs 7.9 : GitHub Enterprise Integration | SonarQube Docs

I created a GitHub Application with the requested permissions.
Then, when I get to the “Generating and Setting Your Private Key” part :

  • In GitHub : I have the “Generate Private Key” button to generate my key and download the .pem file
  • But in SonarQube, in my project “Administration > General Settings > Pull Requests > Integration with GitHub”, I only have the following field : “Repository identifier”.
    I don’t have any field to add my GitHub app private key, nor any “GitHub API URL” which is required in later steps.

Is there any other way to achieve that ?
Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t understand what I could have missed…

Thanks a lot !


Welcome to the community!

SonarQube 7.9.5 is past EOL. You should upgrade at your earliest convenience. Your upgrade path is:

7.9.5 → 8.9.1 LTS → 9.0 (last step optional)

Once you do, you’ll find that we’ve done a lot of work in this area & your questions may evaporate. If they don’t, feel free to come back to us.


Thanks for your response !

Unfortunately, upgrading the SonarQube instance of my entreprise is completely out of my scope :frowning:
But I guess I’ll have to wait.