Internal error with Sonarlint plugin on VS Code

Issue with the Sonar Lint plugin (1.21.0) for VS Code (1.55.2)
(on Mac OS Big Sur 11.2.3)
(Java 11 installed with sdk man)

The plugin simply does not work. No corrections are provided.
When I click in the right panel on “Sonarlint rules”, I get a popup “Internal error” without any other info.
And in “Sonarlint issues location”, it just shows “no locations to show”.

Setting the java home explicitly with “” in settings did not help.

(No solarQube installed, I’m strictly trying to use the lint plugin)

Hello, welcome to the community! And thank you for reporting this issue.

Could you please check the SonarLint Output for additional details? On macOS, you can either:

  • Open the “Command Palette” with ⇧⌘P, search for “SonarLint: Show SonarLint Output” command
  • Open the “Output” view with ⇧⌘U, select “SonarLint” in the dropdown

Additionally, you might want to set both sonarlint.output.showAnalyzerLogs and sonarlint.output.showVerboseLogs to true in your user settings, to get additional details about what is going on.

Hi) Thanks for the welcome and the prompt reply.
Here’s the output:

sonar_out.txt (13.9 KB)

Hello, thank you for the detailed log output.

As far as I understand, one of the libraries used by our JS/TS analyzer is trying (and failing) to load information from the Java trust store.

Are you using a custom keystore / custom root CA?

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yes that was it. It works when I remove the custom keystore.

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